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Resetting the ECU is required under many circumstances. If you've bolted on some power adder's then it is recommended that you reset the ECU so that it can relearn and adjust for the added components. Other times, you may need to reset the CEL after it has tripped.

Resetting the ECU is extremely easy, there are two methods you can use. The Honda manual and Helms manual follow the principle of removing the ECU fuse found under the hood.

On most B-series engine bays, the black fuse box is located next to the battery. Pop off the lid and using a fuse tool or a pair of pliers, remove the fuse labeled FI E/M (ECM) FUSE.

You must wait approximately 3-5 minutes before re-inserting the fuse back into the fuse box. Once replaced, your ECU will be reset.

Another method of resetting the ECU, which I feel is quicker and easier, is to just pull off the negative terminal on your battery. All that is required is a 10mm box wrench or socket and remove the NEGATIVE terminal post on the battery. There's no waiting time involved, just remove for 1 second and then replace it. Make sure you tighten the terminal down firmly but not too tight. This is my preferred method of resetting the ECU. Both methods will work.

That should clear any CEL or for whatever reason it may be that you needed to reset the ECU. Enjoy!

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